Towantic Power Plant

Towantic Power Plant 1000x562

Towantic Energy Center

The Towantic Energy Center, located in Oxford CT, is equipped with two General Electric 7HA.01 combustion turbine generators, two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and one steam turbine generator.

Dinto was on site to install the extensive temporary underground power distribution centers which were to be used to construct the facility. The next phase was the underground systems consisting of the Trenwa concrete trench ways, a massive grounding grid system, and the duct banks for the power distribution, instrumentation, and communications.

Once the underground phase was completed, the above ground work commenced. That work included miles of cable tray, feeders, instrumentation wiring, as well as communications to the ACHX cooling system, the ACC cooling tower system. This consisted of (30) 400A dual-speed motors, the isolated-phase bus from the turbines to the main switches, all medium voltage cabling and terminations, all of the on-turbine feeds and instrumentation including fusion-spliced fiber optics, fuel oil skids, gas compressors feeders and instrumentation to the STG and auxiliary boiler. We also installed feeders and instrumentation to and from the two Heat Recovery Steam Generators as well as miscellaneous interior, site, and FAA lighting.

We also assisted in the startup and commissioning of the plant. The plant was completed within budget and ahead of schedule.


  • The above-ground scope was awarded after the original start date. We attacked it early on with multiple crews (146 electricians in total) working two 12-hr shifts until the schedule leveled off.
  • The construction of the HRSGs was over two months behind. Again, we utilized additional crews working extended multiple shifts.
  • With the long hours as well as the nature of the work, safety as always was a major concern. We remained diligent with the safety program, incorporating stretch and flex, working with multiple safety specialists, and keeping our crews safe throughout the project.
  • After the backfeed to the plant was completed, everything we were working had been energized. We remained diligent in the LOTO program to ensure no one was exposed to live parts when working within the equipment.