Bridgeport Hospital

Bridgeport Hospital 1000x641

Architect: Shepley Bulfinch | Engineer: BR+A

Project Features:

Installation of emergency systems upgrades through the coordination and installation of (2) new 2 Megawatt generators feeding a new paralleling switchgear.  This installation included many new automatic transfer switches and incorporation of many various makes/models of existing automatic transfer switches.

Challenges Faced:

There were many unique obstacles that were overcome on this project.  There were existing high voltage duct banks that needed to be avoided by going under and around.  Our field personnel value engineered a large conduit bank through a challenging crawl space with busway to save cost and save schedule time.  The coordination effort with hospital facilities to set up and limit the power outages during tie-ins was a seamless effort.

Scope of Work:

The project involved many concrete encased duct banks through a challenging degree of obstacles in limited space connected the new generator outbuilding to the existing hospital structure.  This included running banks of 4” conduits up an new exterior steel structure, custom designed for our conduits and across an existing hospital roof. This emergency system upgrade involved many runs of mineral insulated conductors installed through many different areas of the existing hospital, with no disruption to the day to day operations of the hospital business.