Voice, Data, & Video Networking

Whether it is gigabit Ethernet, voice over IP, or streaming video, our experts are industry trained and certified. Dinto has the capability to design and install a physical infrastructure that stays ahead of emerging application requirements.

We understand that details are the core of our business. That’s why at Dinto, pre- and post-installation inspections are performed for every project.

Cable test reports are generated using state-of-the-art testers calibrated to the manufacturer’s specifications and EIA/TIA testing parameters. Additionally, we pay strict attention to ensure that the maximum cable bend radius is never violated during installation. Every cable is always labeled at both ends to help you “read” your system. A bonding and grounding system is put into place to provide electrical protection of the infrastructure. All of our terminations comply with or exceed testing standards.

Dinto is committed to providing you with the best system available for your business. We are experts in all aspects of network technologies. We are ready and able to support all your high speed data needs.

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