Dinto utilizes every aspect of BIM and the Coordination process to its advantage.

We stay at the technological forefront of BIM (Building Information Modeling) by employing the latest software and hardware. 2D CAD drawings are converted to 3D Models and imported into BIM software for conflict analysis with the other trades. We review and adjust the 3D Model to provide the most efficient and cost effective installation. The conflict resolution process then begins.

The BIM walkthrough procedure typically occurs once a week on the project site utilizing presentation software. All pertinent trades are present to address issues and document required modifications to their electronic drawings. Once each meeting is completed all of the modifications by each trade are re-inserted into the master BIM electronic file to prepare for the next review. This process continues until the complete project is reviewed by all parties and all conflicts have been resolved. Coordinated 2D drawings, generated through the BIM conflict resolution process, are utilized for distribution to the field for reference and installation purposes. These drawings show general field routings and include dimensions and elevations to minimize 3D conflicts. Any field modifications are documented and updated in the 3D model. Upon completion of the project, the updated BIM Model provides an accurate as-built record of the electrical installation.

The BIM process does not end with coordination and installation. Dinto utilizes the completed 3D Model to generate material schedules and installation sequencing. The information extracted mitigates waste and facilitates installation. BIM also allows for off-site fabrication. Assemblies can be prepared in a controlled environment and delivered to the site for immediate installation.

Trimble Layout System - Allowing integration of BIM with actual field layout utilizing our Trimble Total Station. This allows us to drastically reduce layout time, while incorporating near perfect accuracy.

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