Life Safety & Low Voltage Systems

Fire Protection

Fire Alarm Systems

There's no more effective way to evacuate a commercial building than to activate a fire alarm. This makes a properly installed, maintained, and monitored fire alarm critical to the life safe system of any business or organization. We work with all proprietary integrators throughout the industry.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Simply put, if your building is fully equipped with an appropriate system that is functioning properly, fire sprinklers save lives. Clearly, sprinklers should be a part of your building's life safety system.

Fire Suppression: Foam Generation Systems

The purpose of automatic fire suppression is to extinguish fires in hazardous areas without human intervention. Restaurants, industrial facilities, body shops, and server rooms are examples of required applications for this life safety system. With a response time of mere seconds, automatic fire suppression can extinguish a fire before it threatens the lives of occupants.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

It's easy to panic during an evacuation, especially if the lights go out. However, generator back up or battery-operated emergency exit lights help maintain calm during an evacuation so everyone makes it out safely.

Technology & Low Voltage Systems

Audio/Visual, Paging, & Intercom Systems

Business productivity often relies on fast, effective, and concise communication.
When you operate a large business, it isn't always efficient to deliver messages in person. Paging and intercom systems allow for instantaneous communication for improved productivity and live-saving response times.

Video Surveillance

These systems not only protect your building and other assets from vandalism and theft, they keep your employees and customers safe. If an incident does occur, security camera footage facilitates successful, less costly litigation outcomes.

Intrusion Detection

Completely customize your system to include whatever components are most important to you, including motion sensors, window and door contacts, glass break, panic switches, and more.

CCTV Network Systems

A closed-circuit television system is a popular method for watching live feeds of entrances and key areas in your business, as well as recording and later retrieving security camera footage. This type of system is vital for protecting life and property at your business location.

Network Integration

The key of benefiting from your life safety systems is to integrate them into a single network. This brings all the technology in your building together for an optimized, easy-to-use system that increases security and reduces stress.

Climate Control & Building Management Systems

Dinto works with all proprietary building management systems integrators. We install complete systems that are compliant with the basis of design, and are built to last with high quality cables and terminations. Proper identifications allow ease of maintenance and alterations.

If you need help implementing or maintaining any of these life safety systems, trust Dinto to do the job right. We offer all the benefits of an experienced, reliable life safety contractor with the important advantage of local service.

Let Dinto implement and maintain your life safety systems.

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